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Priddy, Priddy

September 5, 2013

Bags homemade

So it’s turned out quite an expensive week for me.  Firstly at the age of 42 I purchased my first BRAND NEW sewing machine.  Not a “hand me down”, not a car boot purchase but a brand, shiny new machine.  Now that I am an official supplier of Silver Viscount Sewing and Knitting Machines I just couldn’t resist.

Secondly, of course, I needed some fabric to immediately make something.  So I pottered down to the lovely Poppy Patch in Great Doddington and purchased some beautiful fabric to make myself some knitting cases.  I got a bit carried away and made four.  One for my long needles , one for my double pointed needles  , one for my crochet hooks and one for my interchangeable set .

Waves Crochet Hooks

Thirdly, the new Knit Pro catalogue arrived and what did I NEED to fill one of my new cases ? This beautiful set of coloured Waves crochet hooks.  Every size is included, even the ¼ sizes, each handle is a different colour and up to 6mm they are only £1.99.  I simply couldn’t resist.

Purple bag

Lastly, Deborah prized the catalogue out of my fingers and went all doe eyed at this beautiful new bag for storing your complete interchangeable set.  So that had to be ordered too.  As a result we are very happy girls and had a lovely time putting all out little bits into our new bags.

Blocking set

On a final note, as you all know, we run a blocking service.  Well Knit Pro are now producing their own blocking accessories so you can now block yourself any time at home.

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  1. October 9, 2013 9:32 am

    Your needle cases are gorgeous! Well done you (and for treating yourself too). 8)

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