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New Beginnings

October 18, 2012


Having only just recovered from our lovely day at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show last week, we’re all inspired and ready to knit.  

The new 4ply Silk Blend Fino from Manos del Uruguay arrive in the shop last week.  We had to drag several customers out of the delivery box (you know who you are !) and wrestle the yarn our of their clenched fists.


                                                                                                    Two new yarns from Rico also arrived today.  

Reflections is a mohair with a sparkle and simple patterns ideal for Christmas gifts.

There was a bit of a bun fight at Knitting Club this morning  when word got about that you can knit a whole garment with 4 balls and at £2.99 a ball, that’s a bargain !

Fashion Fur is a new fur yarn with a difference.  

Unlike fun fur yarns in the past, the Rico Fashion Fur is soft, plush and just like a Steiff Teddy Bear’s coat ………

                         ……….and also a little bit like Purl.

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