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The Carnival has come to Manfield Crafts

September 26, 2012

Roll up Roll up to Manfield Crafts, we have a real carnival atmosphere here this week. We were really excited when a delivery from RICO arrived with beautiful Hand Painted knitting Dollies. I used to love these when I was a little girl and I was so enchanted I had to have one….which one….ooh ! I can’t decide so I had to have two and now the pink lady and Pirate have taken up pride of place in my knitting bag what joy !

Have a look at our display and I am sure you will love them too !

Can you also see our lovely new LOOPY POM PON Knitting  Yarn in bright colours why not knit a scarf for someone special for Christmas it would be a perfect gift. Click here to purchase from Manfield Crafts.

Purl didn’t want to miss out on the excitement and before we knew it she had settled on Debbie Abrahams Circus Blanket for tummy tickle fun Naughty Purl…sorry Debbie !

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