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All alone and having a Fun day at Manfield Crafts

August 15, 2012

Hi Everyone I am Deborah (pixiknit 0n ravelry) and I work with Emma.

Emma is having holiday fun with her children today so I am all alone in Manfield Crafts and having fun myself.

FUN with our new sock yarn which has just arrived – Zauberball I love the bright colours and spent ages arranging them on the shelf, my favourite is the pink and green yarn it reminds me of roses and granny smith apples. I love knitting with this yarn I made my husband (Mr Pixiknit) a pair of socks two years ago in Crazy Zauberball which has a lovely colour blend.  Mr Pixiknit puts them through a very tough regime so I am relieved the yarn is machine washable, even after all this time and rough treatment the socks still look brilliant.

So all you sock knitters and Bee Keeper Quilt knitters come and see  the colours I hope you love Zauberball as much as I do.

Did you also see the tape measures and scissors I’m also having FUN with these. they are colourful and spotty and the tape measures are magnetic  yippee !!! I’ve stuck them on the till…the notice board…..the kettle….the fridge…the biscuit tin….I’m running out of places to put them……I could put one on my sewing machine at home and never need to search for a tape measure again.. what joy !

Let me introduce Humpty Teddy , I knitted him with Rowan Handknit Cotton and the pattern is in Rowan Summer Baby.

He normally lives on our baby knits display shelf; however as Purl  is having holiday fun with Emma I thought you would like to see Humpty….yes I know he’s a bit floppy , his ears stick out and his face is wonky however he was fun to knit,  he’s all mine and I love him

Bye for now

Pixiknit xx

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