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Macmillan Coffee Morning

September 23, 2011

Remember to put Manfield Crafts’ Macmillan Coffee Morning in your diary!

Join in the Mad Hatter’s tea (… Er, we mean coffee) party by wearing your favourite hat, embellished with something knitted or crocheted, and you might win a KnitPro chart holder. For those of you who blush at such tomfoolery, bare your head with our compliments and just join in with some applause.

We are also looking for donations to our raffle. These should be along knitting or crochet lines, such as a knitted pair of socks or sock blockers or some stitch markers. Anything is welcome. As a start, Rowan has donated a year’s membership to it’s International Club as our 1st Prize and Laurie-an has knitted a shawl in Louisa Harding’s Grace as 2nd Prize. Other prizes will be numbered.

For those of a more general crafty bent, we will have a table full of cooked or sewn goodies – again, donations are welcome – for sale on the day.

Finally, to prevent everyone having to think of what to bring to knit while sipping tea and coffee, we will have a Lucky Pattern Dip. All patterns follow the tea party thematic, but what you will actually pick out is up to Fate.

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