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New Arrivals!

August 26, 2011

New in last week were three gorgeous yarns from Rico and one from Louisa Harding. If looking for an autumn project for yourself, it will prove difficult to choose between any of them. While each has its own particular characteristic, all are feminine, delicate and have a little something that smacks of indulgence.

The first is one half of this year’s Louisa Harding delivery. Grace has a lovely silken sheen, which is hardly surprising as this yarn is a silk and wool blend. A DK weight, as well as beautiful garments, it is ideal for knitting shawls and long, lacy scarves. Especially ideal when the second half of the Grace delivery arrives. This will be a complementary finer weight yarn with beads woven into the strands to make a string of girly goodness. 

Can you just imagine this as the fringe or edging to a beautiful Grace shawl? Yes, one’s on my to-do list, too.

From the three arrivals from Rico, we must straight away blow the trumpet of one: Romance. This is an aran-weight mohair mix that, while not set to rival Kidsilk Haze, is a serious contender for those who balk at Rowan’s price tag. At just £3.99 per 25g, Romance will encourage more people to use mohair in their garments. It feels a tad coarser, not having the silk content that Kidsilk Haze has, but one can ignore that when it’s more than half the price. The colours Rico have chosen for this range are beautiful. No other word will suffice. From a gentle dark cream, through a soft terracotta and duck egg blue, to anthracite and black, there is surely one shade to please everyone.


Then there is the Cashlana. The stress here is on the first syllable, with the yarn comprising a blend of cashmere and superfine merino. We can well imagine there are some readers drooling already and we will encourage that reaction in more by revealing a price tag of £3.50 per 25g. For cashmere? That certainly brings cashmere within the reach of the average purse.

The palette is small and geared towards the baby clothes end of the market, but with a mid grey added, a pair of fingerless mitts or socks is another to-do project for this winter.

Lastly from Rico is their newest chunky weight yarn, called Galaxy. Several of you have already earmarked this as the perfect winter yarn. And it is. Similar to the Poems range, this chunky is strong, a warm wool, and a perfect blend of subtle shading. This one, though, has the added bonus of sparkling sequins woven into the strands.

At £5.50 per ball, this is another yarn that suits most pockets, making that warm winter jumper a possibility without having to cut back on shoe/handbag money.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. September 1, 2011 10:40 am

    I’m coming to investigate as soon as I have a free Saturday – especially loving the sound of Cashlana!

  2. greysilk permalink
    September 8, 2011 10:05 pm

    Truly, it’s beautiful! You should go along and have a squeeze.

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