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‘The Scrumptious Collection’ by Fyberspates

May 25, 2011

The Scrumptious Collection £12.50


New in this week is the long-awaited book from Fyberspates: The Scrumptious Collection. The Fyberspates’ design team have created a collection of “twenty delectable patterns” designed specifically to be used with the gorgeously luxurious Scrumptious yarn range.

The range is composed of the familiar lace weight, as seen on the Manfield Crafts shelves, plus the full gamut of 4ply/Sport, DK/Worsted, Aran and Chunky. Most of the yarns, with the exception of the matte Lace, have a beautiful glossy sheen quite unlike any other yarn. The high percentage of silk — 45% with 55% merino — doesn’t explain the disparity, as there are many others with a similar silk/merino mix. No, it’s something special to the Scrumptious, which makes us drool at the prospect of wearing it as a garment, rather than the usual shawl or scarf.

So what are designs like?

Hethe by Judy Furlong

Well as you can see from the example given here (Hethe by Judy Furlong), by tipping their hats to exquisite cable or lace detail, the designers have created pages of lovely cardigans, scarfs, hat and glove sets, waistcoats and shawls. Each one is marked from the crowd of similar designs with delightful features, such as the delicate lace edging on this cardigan and the fact that instead of using a 4ply or DK, the designer used Scrumptious Lace throughout. Another favourite of ours is the Alvescot (designed by Fyberspates owner, Jenni Hewlett), which is a composite lace, knitted using Scrumptious Chunky. Yes, that’s right. Chunky. But the effect is breathtakingly lovely.

Alvescot by Jeni Hewlett

Hmm, makes your fingers itch to cast on, doesn’t it? But if your budget prohibits more than one skein, there are several smaller projects to tempt you. We particularly like the simply-shaped beanie, crowned all over with cable work, and the mittens with sculpted, slanting relief.

Whatever you choose to knit, this book is one of those that begs to be left of centre in every knitter’s library. It certainly now has a position of some status in ours.


Longcot by Jeni Hewlett

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