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The Next Friday Knitting Group

April 15, 2011

Ladies, the next Friday Knitting Group will be on 28th April.

Yes, that is a Thursday, but don’t allow that one little detail confuse you. If we didn’t meet that day, then it would be at least three weeks until we met again. Can you imagine the horror as we suffer with withdrawal? We shuddered at the mere thought, so decided on the double whammy of a pretend-it’s-Friday, plus celebrating Prince William and Katherine’s wedding.

Phew! That’s a relief.

For a chance to win a special prize, bring in your own wedding photos and enter them into a draw. Of course, you must also be prepared to be at the business end of some giggling. Just sit tight and wait for the beehive that’s making its way around the table. After all, revenge is best served on a purl row, as they say … somewhere.

So, bring your photos, some red, white and blue yarn to knit a little patriotic something, and a hankie or two to wave the fair couple into their wedded life.


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  1. Sally Cotter permalink
    April 15, 2011 7:43 pm

    Wishing that I didn’t work! Have a fabulous time…….

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