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Loopy at Manfield Crafts

April 8, 2011

Loopy has arrived at Manfield Crafts!

Yes, that could indeed mean many things, presented as it is for a wide range of contexts, all probably correct. However, in this particular instance, we are finger-pointing towards our lovely display of the newest fun yarn from Rico Design.

Now, you might wonder why we would waggle scarf yarn in front of you when we are but a slug pellet away from summer. The answer is the variety of the palette for this yarn. It ranges from vivid pink and cyan, through a subtle medley of soft pastels, to a mix of complimentary shades of purples, black and white, and soldiers’ desert uniform. All of which conspire to make a mouth-watering display of squishy goodness.

After waxing almost lyrical on the colour, what about the yarn itself? we hear you yell. In answer, Loopy is very similar to Rico Can Can, also being of a mesh construction that is knitted into a slender, frilly scarf.

This has the potential to be as big a hit as Can Can, so we can expect to see a fair few of these scarves on the necks of our friends and relatives. Already there is a shortage at Rico, so it might be wise to keep an eye on your colour choice.

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