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Success at Stanwick’s Craft Cafe

April 5, 2011

learn-to-knit-at-stanwickStanwick Lakes recently introduced an intriguing initiative. Once a month, on a Friday, the Stanwick Lakes’ café will host a variety of crafting sessions, presented by experts in the field. Already diary dates have been scheduled for card making, mosaics, and patchwork and quilting, with many more in the pipeline.

Opening the schedule, Manfield Crafts’ own expert, Emma, spent last Friday morning at the café teaching knitting and crochet skills, and passing on helpful hints for successful crafting.

Most of the visitors to the Craft Café were novice knitters or crocheters, with a further few never having handled a pair of knitting needles or a hook before. Armed with examples of Manfield Crafts’ best yarns and needles, plus a handy how-to leaflet, Emma and several members of the knitting group spent an enjoyable few hours sharing their tips and experience.

Among the many who benefited from the morning were two ladies from the local WI. One used to knit many years ago, and was keen to relearn the art, while her friend wanted to learn how to crochet from scratch. In fact, over the course of the Craft Café, this last lady not only managed to pick up the basics of crochet, she learned how to complete a small project. Not bad for a newbie! As for the first lady, she left with a glint in her eye that promised many good things in the guise of a purl stitch.

But most surprising was the number of Closet Knitters. These are the ones who either think knitting is considered a mockable pastime, rather than a growing and respectable hobby, or they believe their knitting to be such poor work that they are embarrassed to air it abroad. Luckily these ladies managed to brave their fears and approach the knitting tables, where they were welcomed and disabused of all erroneous thought. (Isn’t power wonderful?)

Hopefully the Craft Café has attracted new and enthusiastic members into the little world of Manfield Knitters. But even if none were converted, it was still a wonderful day out. For this last, we thank the wonderful contingent of Manfield Knitters who joined Emma, the organisers of the event, and the lovely people we met throughout the morning. It is also to be hoped that everyone will offer Stanwick Lake’s future craft events their full support.

6 May:  Card Making — Bring your own materials and create your own beautifully hand made cards.

10th June:  Mosaics — Come and watch talented mosaic artist Robin Jones at work, and have a go yourself.

1st July:  Pathwork & Quilting — Find out more about this lovely craft and have a go with Poppy Patch Patchwork & Quilting Supplies and the Higham Piecemakers.

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