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New Loyalty Scheme!

February 23, 2011

Some of you will already have discovered the shop’s new loyalty scheme, but let me introduce it to you anyway.

From Tuesday, 12th February 2011, a new points-based loyalty scheme was implemented to replace the old Manfield Crafts 5% discount card. In the scheme, every £10 spent in the shop will be rewarded with a sticker. When six stickers have been collected, present your card to earn 10% off your next purchase.

Sounds good, huh?

At the moment, the loyalty scheme does not apply to purchases and customers of the on-line shop, only to the walk-in-through-a-real-door shop. It is planned that, quite soon, all purchases from Manfield Crafts will be included. Another point to make is that stickers will only be rewarded for every whole £10 spent. That means (she says confidently while fumbling for the calculator) on a purchase of £29.78, you will receive two stickers. Finally, for reasons vast and eminently reasonable, this scheme excludes place payments for workshops, tutorials and charged events.

I know there are some of you thinking the loss of the straight 5% discount card is a change for the worse, but it is not, I assure you. Instead of being a cross-the-board reward, the new scheme is specifically directed at customers who have proven their loyalty by returning to us time after time. 

Simply, we smile in the warmth of your loyalty, and now return it in the form of a huggable 10% off. 

Lavender Heart by Catherine Tough

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