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Rowan Studio Knits

February 17, 2011

Rowan Studio Knits


The Studio Collection has had a regular slot in Rowan’s publishing inventory for some years. Always featuring innovative styles more used to being seen on the catwalk than in traditional knitting magazines, the Collection is a vehicle to nurture, encourage and promote young knitwear designers.

So successful has this vehicle been, that many of the fresh-behind-the-ears contributors are now well known independent of the Studio series and, indeed, of Rowan. To be included in this list are Amy Butler, Martin Storey and, most notable of all, Sarah Hatton.

Sarah Hatton’s designs filled many Studio pages, ranging from soft, feminine wraps and slouchy cardigans, to traditional cabled vests or asymmetric, multi-wear jackets, such as the Yolanda.  


Studio Knits is a collection of 21 of Sarah’s designs, including the ever-popular Martha, Lucille and Tango. While the book attempts to update some of the older designs, using yarn from the latest of Rowan’s range, most of her designs use such Rowan staples as Kidsilk Haze, cashoft 4ply and Felted Tweed.

There is something eminently desirable about Sarah’s knitwear. Whether due to her attention to detail or that each design retains its ‘fashionable’ tag without compromising on wearability, each design is certain to make one feel special and feminine, comfortable and smart.

Whatever the reason for knitting anything by Sarah Hatton, this is a wonderful book and one that will make a beeline into my personal library.


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