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Debbie Abrahams Workshop

February 17, 2011

Introducing the theory of blanket design

Last week we once again had the pleasure of Debbie Abrahams’ company at Manfield Crafts while presenting one of her workshops. Debbie Abrahams is, of course, famous for her blanket designs, such as those available in Blankets and Throws and More Blankets and Throws , and the Mystery Blanket Club. Integral to both is the extensive employment of various colour techniques, beading, and texture.

It is the first two techniques that Debbie teaches in her workshops, and last week’s day was dedicated to more of this wonderful aspect of knitting. The day focused on intarsia panels with beaded detail, drawn from some of her most popular designs. Debbie used blanket squares to illustrate the separate techniques, and then invited the ladiMobile Phone Cosyes to practice their skills by making mobile phone and iPod cosies.

On offer were several designs to choose from, including a strawberry, the rock from Debbie’s Modern Mineral blanket (see More Blankets and Throws), or a stylish vertical stripe.

The day was fun, frivolous, and let our juices flow in a wonderfully creative way. So much so that, at the end of the day, many rushed off to begin their first colourful, beaded blankets. We would like to thank Debbie for this. Always delightful, she affected us all her enthusiasm and vibrancy, challenging our brains and ensuring we enjoyed ourselves.

With that warm feeling still with us, we are looking forward to later on in the year, when she hosts another workshop.

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