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Rowan Magazine 49

January 21, 2011

Good news! The spring/Summer Rowan magazine, number 49, is now available.

Rowan Magazine 49

Flipping through the patterns, the theme is heavy on crochet, whether as a whole or in edging, cotton yarns and airiness. Also, as opposed to the previous issue (Number 48), these latest designs are less fitted, giving them a flowing, breezy feel. This one, Ghost, is a typical example of what we mean. 


(Anyone else think the model is scary? I’m writing this from under the bed, I tell you!)

There is a lot of texture, but unlike the designs of the last few years, the emphasis is on lace and open work rather than moss stitch and cables. But then, what do you expect when summer is merely a slug pellet away?

Not to say there aren’t any fitted designs, because there are. Again heavy on open stitchery, some do give a nod to a shaped outline, thereby adding a decided feminine feel. The one below is my favourite of the fitted set of designs — and probably of the whole magazine. Yes, that does mean it’ll be on my needles by breakfast, making it Project Number 17.


But isn’t it pretty?

So check out the magazine on the webpage and plan your summer wardrobe from its pages. And, if you would prefer not to use the cottons suggested, why not stick firm to your English heritage and support your chilblains by substituting it for a wool, such as Pure Wool 4ply or Ranco Multy? Or, for the more drapey garments, use a merino for its weight and silky feel.

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